So, What is Inviite?

Sounds interesting! How do we Inviite our friends?

Got it. What can we do?

Search for Venues

Using Inviite you can search for venues locally, and access offers by simply passing the venue. Whether you fancy heading to a cafe, bar, restaurant or club - Inviite’s got you covered!

Earn Accolades

Use the app and see your status grow. Consider your accolade like a badge of honour.

Sounds good! I fancy a bite to eat…

Interactive Menu

Inviite provides the ability to access an interactive menu per venue where you can check out all the details and prices

Dietary Requirements

For those who find choosing a restaurant tricky due to dietary requirments, Inviite enables venues to provide allergen information for every dish on the menu

Make Plan

Once you’ve found the menu for you, quickly & easily Inviiite your friends to join you for a meal. Send the booking details to the restaurant and receive confirmation. You’re all set!

I'm up for The Keys. Anyone else fancy it?

+ many more

Love that place!!


Great - i'll sort it!

Can't Wait.